Religion Curriculum Guide

General Religion Overview and Rationale

Through God’s Word each individual child is brought to realize: 

  1. Our Sinful Condition
    • Adam and Eve were created in the image of God: perfect and holy. 
    • All became sinners deserving eternal damnation and cannot save themselves. 
  1. The Grace of God
    • God has established salvation for all.
    • God loves the undeserving sinner and wants all to be saved.
    • God the Father accomplished salvation by sending His Son Jesus Christ to atone for all sins. 
    • Christ redeemed the world from sin, death, and hell by His obedient life and innocent death. 
    • God the Holy Spirit works saving faith in the heart of all believers. 
  1. The Response of a Christian
    • Christians recognize themselves as children of God. 
    • Christians grow in faith through the regular use of the Word and Sacrament. 
    • Christians gladly serve Christ and the church. 
    • Christians conform to the law of God out of faith and love for Christ. 
    • Christians turn daily to God in prayer. 
    • Christians witness for Christ in their daily lives.
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