Academics at Christ Alone Lutheran School

Christ Alone Lutheran School (CALS) promises to provide a Christ-centered, academically-sound education, supported by a caring and dedicated environment for both the student and the entire family. Whether you are enrolling your child into our 3K/4K preschool program or transferring your child into any of the other grades, you are welcomed into the family.

3K/4K Preschool

CALS preschool offers your family the flexibility of enrolling your child for 3, 4 or 5 mornings each week to fit your child’s and your family’s needs. For working families, our onsite CALS Kids after school care is a great additional benefit to support the development of your child spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.

K-8 Grade School

We welcome students to enroll or transfer into CALS at any age. Our nurturing environment helps students develop a love of learning to last a lifetime. Learn more about our curriculum and how K-8 can support your child with technology and additional programs.

More Than The Classroom

Our academics are simply one part of how we support and care for the whole child’s well-being. While our curriculum provides spiritual, mental, physical, and social needs for every child, we understand that students enjoy learning in a variety of ways. At CALS, we provide many extra curricular activities and events to give students the opportunity to find their joy and passion.