CALS Comets Athletics

As with academics and all things, Christ Alone Lutheran School (CALS) offers an athletic program to help students grow in a supportive, Christ-centered community.

Our Goal: For Students to Grow…


  • to recognize their God-given talents and abilities
  • to use their talents and abilities so that what they do is done to the glory of God
  • to display their faith life by what they say and do both on and off the playing surface


  • to develop and improve the physical skills and abilities given to them by the Lord


  • to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of the sports in which they participate; and of the rules and regulations which are a part of those sports


  • to learn and grow in their ability to handle the many feelings that come with athletic participation such as the joy of winning, the disappointment of losing, the fear of failing, and the thrill of succeeding.


  • to take part in the many athletic programs and events which we have to offer

Sports Offered at CALS

Girls in grades 4-8
Boys in grades 5-8
SoccerFallGirls in grades 5-8
Boys in grades 5-8
Cross CountryFallGirls and Boys in grades 1-8
BasketballWinterGirls and grades 3-8
Boys in grades 2-8
CheerleadingWinterGirls in grades 5-8
Track and FieldSpringGirls and Boys in grades 5-8
SoftballSpringGirls and Boys in grades 6-8

Sports Introduction Camps Offered at CALS

Are your children eager to learn a new sport and begin honing their talents before participating in organized sports? CALS offers sports camps each year, including basketball camp for grades 1-3 and volleyball camp for grades 2-4.

Mr. Dan Rick is the athletic director and can be contacted with any questions related to athletic teams and sports camps.

CALS is a member of the Kettle Moraine Lutheran Grade School Athletic League (KMLGSAL).