K-8 Grade School

You’re Invited.

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Learning Environment

Our faculty and staff provide a nurturing environment to help students explore more than just classroom curriculum. We focus on building Christian relationships with academic contests, such as geography and spelling bees, athletics, as well as art and science fairs. Faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a caring atmosphere where students can learn new things and expand knowledge in areas they are passionate about.

Academic Progress Results

CALS uses the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing to measure achievement. Grades K-2 focus on diagnostic, adaptive tests in reading and math. Grades 3-8 test reading, language, usage, and math. Across all grade levels, on average, we rank at the 88% percentile and above in each subject tested.


We live a technologically advanced age. Students at CALS begin integrating technology into daily classroom lessons and activities in K5 and continue through grade 8. Every student receives a Chromebook for school use. Each year we integrate more technology into our curriculum at every grade level and subject area to ensure our students learn transferrable skills that can take them to high school and beyond.

Additional Programs

  • Accelerated reader – CALS offers an accelerated reader program, including an extensive library of books for students to use during the school year.
  • Extended learning – Whether a student needs additional help or is seeking an extra challenge, CALS utilizes adult mentors on a regular basis to provide additional support for students.
  • Special education options – If you would like your child to be tested for special education needs, CALS provides assistance in connecting families with the Mequon-Thiensville School District and supporting parents throughout the process.

Student Life

We encourage you to explore all that CALS has to offer, to foster a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. In additional to classroom studies, student life opportunities include academic contests, performing arts, and athletics.