Science Curriculum Guide

Science is the study of how God reveals Himself in the world around us.

“The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hand.”

Psalm 19:1

Christ Alone Lutheran School seeks to provide its students with the tools to explore and appreciate the mysteries of God’s creation, understand the laws of nature and evaluate and utilize scientific knowledge in the light of God’s Word. Our students will be encouraged to apply their scientific knowledge as faithful Christian stewards. 


  1. Students will appreciate the physical world God created
  2. Students will learn to use the scientific process
  3. Students will learn the laws of science and their real-world applications
  4. Students will begin to understand the many scientific laws and theories that govern God’s creation
  5. Students will engage in hands-on-activities which will lead to further scientific knowledge


Each classroom in PK-8th grade explores in various degrees life science, earth science, physical science, the human body, and health. The following listed items serve to highlight some of the specifics in each grade: 

Preschool – classifying of objects, movement, sound, force 

Kindergarten – senses, animals, habitats, insects, plants, seeds, weather, heat, light, sound, planets, magnets

Grades 1-2 – Plants, Animals, Habitats, Earth’s Resources, Weather, Space, Matter and Motion. Hands on experiments and Lego SPIKE coding sets will be incorporated across the curriculum.  

Grades 3-4 – life science, earth science, health, physical science 

Grades 5-6 – life science, earth science, health, physical science 

Grades 7-8 – earth science 1 year / life science 1 year and Lego Robot Inventor Mindstorms

boys studying electricity