We Love CALS

We LOVE Christ Alone Lutheran School for so many reasons! Most recently, the pandemic proved once again how much they love our kids. It wasn’t a matter of “if” our kids would return to in-person learning, it was “how.”

We sent our kids here because we want them to learn about the Love our Savior Jesus Christ has for them, and our kids learn that everyday. But, they are also getting an excellent education matched by no other schools in our area.

Our teachers actually grade our kids papers and have them fix any mistakes so they can learn what they are being taught. Other schools have stopped grading the papers because they say it’s too much work for the teachers.

Besides the basic subjects being taught, the kids also have to take Spanish starting in 6th grade- it’s required.

All kids also take music as well. We take advantage of piano lessons during the school day. It couldn’t be any easier to give your child a solid understanding of music. We look forward to our piano recital every year.

Our school offers a variety of sports programs as well for all our students. Our kids take field trips throughout the year and we have a great library. At the beginning of the year, our kids have a school team building event where teams are grouped by all ages so all the kids get to know each other.

And our older kids help our younger kids get to chapel as well which helps them to get to know each other as well.

We would highly recommend our school to anyone looking to give their children a great education. Come join us!

– Martha Manske