Spanish Curriculum Guide

Christ Alone Lutheran School’s vision for our Spanish program is that our students in grades 6-8 obtain an introduction to a foundation in a second language while growing in their knowledge and appreciation of the Spanish culture. 

Christ Alone Lutheran School believes that an important part of sharing the Gospel message is recognizing and appreciating different cultures as redeemed children of God (1 John 2:2). It is therefore important that our students develop a greater knowledge and understanding of people from different lands. Our Spanish program will assist the students in learning the beginnings of a new language with a realization that many people in their own culture do not know Jesus. 


  1. Students will be introduced to vocabulary and elementary Spanish syntax
  2. Students will learn about various Spanish-speaking cultures
  3. Students will form a beginning foundation for future foreign language study


6th Grade – gain a knowledge of basic vocabulary words and Spanish diction, and be able to carry on basic conversations with others 

7th Grade – build on the foundation of basic vocabulary words with an emphasis on dialogue and pronunciation, and be able to carry on more conversations with others 

8th Grade – continue growing in vocabulary and pronunciation with more Spanish interaction and speaking in class